network security firewall protecting web servers

WAF vs Firewall

Confused about the differences between a WAF and a firewall? Find out the key differences between these two crucial cyber security measures for business.

incorporating ZTNA into a secure access service edge

ZTNA or Zero Trust Network Access

Get up to speed with the importance of ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access) and why it’s a more secure way to protect corporate security & data. Learn more here!

sase with networking and security capabilities

SASE or Secure Access Service Edge

Get an overview of the features and benefits of SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) technology and learn how it can help you secure your remote workforce.

professionals install security apps

Cyber Security for Business

Explore cyber security for business and the crucial role of all-encompassing cyber security solutions in defending enterprises against cyber threats.

providing coordinated threat response

Fortinet Security Fabric

Fortinet Security Fabric comprises several components that work together to provide an integrated security framework. Let’s explore their main components.

training centers for cyber security professionals

Fortinet Training

From fortifying defense capabilities to enhancing operational efficiency, Fortinet training equips cyber security professionals with the knowledge needed.

anti-spam solution with anti-spam feature such as spam filtering


Spam is any unsolicited message that is sent to a large number of recipients and there are many types of spam. Learn more about the importance of anti-spam.

major ransomware attacks in malaysia

Ransomware Attack

Ransomware is devastating causing business downtime, damage to brand reputation, loss of sensitive data and financial losses. Learn more about the attack.

firewall filters unwanted incoming network traffic

Function of Firewall

Firewalls are an essential component of network security and have developed over the years to protect against unauthorized access to data and systems.

hacker in malaysia performing reverse brute force attacks

Brute Force Attack

In a brute force attack, usernames and passwords are ‘guessed’ to log into a system. 5% of security breaches were caused by brute force attacks.

utm appliance in malaysia

Unified Threat Management

A system of information security known as Unified Threat Management (UTM) offers a single point of defense against cyber threats and network attacks.

firewall management software in malaysia

Software Firewall

Software firewall is a firewall program that is installed on a computer or server. Learn more about its pros & cons for businesses in Malaysia.

in malaysia network security solutions protect various vulnerabilities of the computer systems

Network Security

Regardless of size, industry, or infrastructure, every organization needs network security solutions to protect it from threats & vulnerabilities.

sd wan vs mpls in malaysia


SD-WAN is a virtual overlay separated from physical lines while MPLS is a dedicated circuit. Learn more about the key distinctions between them.

firewall in malaysia limits inbound and outbound connections

Firewall Security

Firewall security protects the network from malicious traffic at set boundary levels. Learn more about the different types and deployments available.

an image of cyber security threats

Cybersecurity Threat

Since the dot-com boom in the late 1990s, cybersecurity has been a top issue in the world and also one of Malaysia’s top concerns.

malaysian cybercrimes statistic in the era of digital economy

Cyber Crime in Malaysia

Nearly 70% of all business crime cases in Malaysia are now classified as cybercrime. Read more about the cyber crime cases in recent years.

cybersecurity in malaysia


The practice of deploying people, rules, and technologies protecting cyber assets is known as cybersecurity. Learn more about its importance.

view of hacked and malicious websites in malaysia

Web Security

Web security is the process of protecting websites from vulnerabilities. Learn more about the technologies of and threats to web security.

software development process in malaysia

Application Security

Application security is the process of putting security measures into applications. Learn more about the vulnerabilities and tests involved.

endpoint protection in malaysia

Endpoint Security

Endpoint security & protection is the critical last line of defense against cyber attacks. It protects end-user devices like laptops, smartphones, or tablets.

hardware firewall protects the entire network

Hardware Firewall

Hardware firewall strengthens your first-line of security defense against cyber threats. It acts as a protective barrier between your network & the internet.

Preventing Ransomware in Small Businesses

Hackers Are Attacking Small Businesses with Ransomware Ransomware is when hackers gain access into an organization’s network, usually via malicious email, and demand payment of

proxy server acts to protect the client identity but a waf is a reverse proxy to protect the web app

WAF or Web Application Firewall

WAF or Web application firewall protects web applications against emerging cyber threats. It works by targeting Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) traffic.

ngfw in malaysia

NGFW or Next Generation Firewall

Next gen firewall (NGFW) such as FortiGate has capabilities beyond a traditional firewall. It is the 3rd generation & current standard for firewall technology.