Professional Services

Spectrum Edge Professional Services are designed to provide value added services to maximize the solutions potential. With our experienced team from various industries and backgrounds, we enable customers to obtain the best value of their solutions by providing best practice. Our Professional Services covers architecture review, design, deployment planning as well as fine tuning of services.

During the implementation phase, our Professional Services team will assist, author, deploy and evaluate the approved technical and operational content to the solution.


Architecture Review – This practice is primarily focused on helping customers to review existing or new architecture and provide practical and strategic advice to clients, albeit a major infrastructure arrangement, developing a business case development or creating a service delivery requirement.

Architecture Design – We assist customers to review their requirement, to plan and design the solution architecture based on recommended practices and requirements to fully utilize the value of the solution.

Deployment Service – Complex system represent a significant investment for a customer. To maximize the return, customer requires experienced solution architecture to flawlessly put their system into production. With our experienced and certified engineer, our deployment service is offered to ensure the solutions are properly implemented into the network. Spectrum Edge deployment service includes on-site/off-site staging, installation, configuration, benchmarking, and testing of the solution acquired.

Fine Tuning Service – After the installation of the solution at customer premises, Spectrum Edge Professional Services team will fine-tune the solution based on best practices to fit their requirement. This consulting activity aims to help customer improve their system efficiency and deliver quality result.