Product Brief

Flashpoint offers an array of products that provide access to a variety of content supported by our proprietary collections systems, including access to illicit online communities, finished intelligence reports, discussions on chat services platforms, and the ability to power integrations via our API.

  • Flashpoint Intelligence Platform

    Grants access to our expansive archive of intelligence reports and data from illicit communities in a single finished intelligence experience.

  • Domain Monitoring

    Provides teams the ability, resources, and insight into observed domain phishing activity related to the organization in order to eliminate threats such as typosquatting, phishing attacks, and brand impersonation through logo detection.

  • Compromised Credentials Monitoring

    Allows users to monitor exposure of compromised credentials for their enterprise domains and customer email addresses to take action after breaches to mitigate risk of account takeover (ATO)

  • Takedown Management

    Proactively alerts users to malicious URLs and provides the ability to action via takedown services, enabling teams to remove phishing sites directly in the Flashpoint Intelligence Platform.

  • API

    Flashpoint API provides near real-ti​me access to our intelligence reports, technical data, and uniquely sourced conversations from illicit threat actor communities, enabling users to enrich and enhance internal data with our targeted data acquired from highly curated sources.

  • Alerting

    Flashpoint’s Alerting is used to inform customers when relevant information is uncovered in threat actor discussions and compromised data is detected.

  • Payment and Credit Card Fraud Mitigation

    Helps teams detect stolen credit cards enabling them to block fraudulent transactions and reissue stolen credit cards before they are used, saving time, money, and reputational risk.

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