Product Brief

NetIQ: Identity & Access Management

NetIQ secures organizations through a comprehensive set of identity and access services for workforce and customer identities.

  • Enable an efficient workforce
    Reduce friction with adaptive access controls.

  • Manage customer identities
    Offer a secure, seamless user experience.

  • Comprehensive IAM platform
    Provide secure access and governance across platforms.

Voltage: Data Privacy and Protection

Privacy begins with data discovery. Know your data. Protect what matters most. Safely use data with privacy by default.

  • Data privacy built in
    Data discovery platform uses AI to quickly identify risk.

  • Insight to act effectively
    Analyze and classify data for policy-based actions.

  • Data security at scale
    Protect data everywhere, in analytics and applications.

ArcSight: SIEM+SOAR for threats that matter

Accelerate threat detection and response with holistic security analytics, native SOAR, and intelligent automation.

  • Boost operational efficiency
    Do more in less time with intelligent end-to-end automation.

  • Elevate team effectiveness
    Focus on threats that matter with 360° security analytics.

  • Lower the cost of ownership
    Predictable costs. Cloud or on-premises deployment.

Fortify: Application Security

Great code is secure code, and helping customers achieve it runs through everything we do.

  • AppSec for Developers
    Great code demands great security with Fortify.

  • AppSec for Security Pros
    When security truly matters to your organization.

  • AppSec for Business
    Choose an AppSec partner you can trust.

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