Product Brief

Better Security
– No data stored on the client device
– Eliminate malware risk by restricting application installation
– No security patches or anti-virus patches to worry about on client devices

– No Microsoft OS License required at client
– No anti-virus & desktop management software required at client
– Thin-client hardware cost lower than desktop hardware

Lower OPEX
– Lower end-point energy consumption
– Less desktop hardware maintenance to worry about
– Less administrative support required

Data Mobility
– User data can be accessible from tablet or another client anytime anywhere
– Zero productivity loss when thin client hardware fails

Reliability & Scalability
– Faster software deployment
– Longer Mean Time Before Failure than desktop as there are no moving parts
– No end-point operating system instability and slow performance occurrence

Centerm Thin-Client Hardware Models

  • F510 – AMD Dual Core / 2G RAM / 16GB SSD / Linux
  • F610 – Quad Core / 4G RAM / 64G SSD / Linux
  • F620 – Quad Core / 4G RAM / 64G SSD / Linux
  • C92 – Quad Core / 8G RAM / 64GB SSD or 128G SSD/Win 10 IOT