• The Demands of the Modern Workforce

    Today’s modern workforce as we know it, is not constrained within the physical walls of offices and buildings. They are anywhere and are expected to work wherever they may be. They require a highly reliable way to work; from anywhere, on any device and at any time.

    The Digital Workspace that You need

    Companies embracing digital transformation can now provide a “digital workspace” for your workforce; one that is secure yet flexible and easy to manage at the same time. Having the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, any network any devices while maintaining a high standard of security and reducing management complexities is a win-win solution.

That’s where we come in…

GoThin Digital Workspace Solution by Spectrum Edge is a smarter way to work. GoThin provides you with secure access to applications, data, and network resources coupled with superior performance, usability and support.

Product Brief

  • Seamless User Experience

    Work from anywhere, on any device at any time. You may start working from your mobile phone while having breakfast, proceed to using your tablet while in transit and moving on to working from your laptop – a truly seamless experience. Whichever device you choose and wherever you choose to work from, you have access to everything you need. Without streaming and browsing delays, GoThin provides you with a reliable and secure workspace.

  • Simplified Management

    Centralized management and support with fastest device failure resolution time. With GoThin you can provision a desktop and application on demand,  obtain detailed reporting to assist capacity planning, easily deploy BYOD policies as well as support business continuity policies.

  • Enhanced Security

    A digital workspace that prevents against installation of unauthorised applications; reduces the attack surface against zero-day malware. Data remains secure even in remote environments as resides in the data center. GoThin comes with user and multi-factor authentication which integrates with Active Directory & RADIUS

Deployment Options

Option 1

Maintain your existing Windows OS and ensure:

  • Corporate applications are always protected from malware attacks and always available from anywhere and from any device securely.
  • Fast provisioning by centrally pushing applications to users without any installation.

Option 2

Replace your existing Windows OS with GoThin’s OS in order to:

  • Fully control the physical desktop PC
  • Reduce malware attack surface
  • Eliminate unauthorised applications
  • Centrally automate software updates
  • Automate and centrally manage all desktop devices