Product Brief

The future belongs to the fast, and Vertica delivers the fastest, most scalable hybrid cloud database, forever independent from underlying infrastructure.

Vertica’s SQL database is trusted by the world’s leading data-driven companies, including Cerner, Etsy, Uber, and more to deliver speed, scale, and reliability on mission-critical analytics. Vertica is a database and query engine that leverages the power of cloud-based technologies, but can be deployed on-premises as well. SQL, Python, time series, geospatial, and machine learning analytics can help you unlock the true potential of your data no matter where it sits.

Deploy Vertica-as-a-Service, or manage the platform yourself

  • Vertica Accelerator

    Vertica as a SaaS offering that delivers a unified, high-performance advanced analytics and machine learning platform in your AWS cloud account.

  • Vertica Unified Analytics Platform

    Customer-managed, advanced analytics and in-database machine learning platform that runs on-premises, in the clouds, and supports (Kubernetes (K8s).

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