NGFW or Next Generation Firewall

A firewall is an essential security product that monitors the incoming and outgoing network traffic and permits or blocks data packets based on a set of security rules. A firewall is available in software applications installed on a server or a computer and physical hardware firewall connected to an internal network. A firewall usually sits between a trusted network and an untrusted network. But what is an NGFW or a next gen firewall, and what is its difference from a traditional firewall?

What is a Next Generation Firewall?


NGFW or next gen firewall such as FortiGate firewall is a network security device that provides capabilities beyond what a traditional firewall could. A next gen firewall has additional features like cloud-delivered threat intelligence, application awareness and control, and integrated intrusion prevention.

In addition to access control, NGFWs can also fight modern threats such as advanced malware and application-layer attacks, integrated intrusion prevention, and threat intelligence sources.  

NGFW vs Traditional Firewall

NGFWs typically have all the features of a traditional firewall, namely port blocking, proxying, packet filtering, and inspection. Additionally, some features differentiate traditional firewalls and NGFWs as below.

FeaturesTraditional FirewallNGFW
Port Blocking
Packet Filtering
Stateful Inspection
IP and Domain Name Blocking
Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
Encrypted Traffic Inspection
Application Control
Directory Integration

Things to Consider in an NGFW

next gen firewall

There are five essential things to consider when getting a next gen firewall that includes: 

Extensive Network Visibility

The next gen firewall should provide a holistic view of activity and full contextual awareness for the users to see threat activity across networks and devices, the originality of a threat, and active applications and websites. 

Quick Detection Time

The current industry standard time to detect a threat is between 100 to 200 days. Fortunately, a next gen firewall is believed to detect threats within seconds, detect the presence of a successful breach within hours or minutes, and know when to prioritize alerts to take action in eliminating threats. 

Seamless Integration

A next gen firewall should seamlessly integrate with other tools, automatically share threat information, and automates security tasks like impact assessment, policy management and tuning, and user identification.

Advanced Security and Breach Prevention

The most important feature of an NGFW is to prevent breaches and keep your network and organization safe. It should include advanced capabilities to detect advanced malware quickly, IPS built-in to spot stealthy threats, a world-class threat intelligence organization, and URL filtering features that enforce URLs’ policies.

Flexible Management Options

Essentially, your next gen firewall should be able to meet your unique requirements and customize with features that meet your needs, manage every use case, and have options to choose from a variety of throughput speeds. 

The Benefits of a Next-Generation Firewall

Block Malware – Unlike traditional firewalls, the NGFW can block malware and threats. This has never been done before by the traditional firewall, allowing you to have better security on your network and organization. 

Better Equipped – Additionally, a next gen firewall is better equipped than the traditional firewall and eventually provides users with top security against any Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs).

Low-Cost Option – Despite their advanced capabilities, NGFWs can be a low-cost solution for organizations to upgrade their basic firewall security and system.

Firm up Your Business Network Security with FortiGate

fortigate firewall

Having a robust Fortinet network firewall is a crucial requirement for any business to survive. In today’s environment, threats to personal devices and more extensive networks are developing every day. With the flexibility of a next gen firewall, it can further safeguard devices and organizations from more significant and more prominent intrusions.

NGFW such as FortiGate examines the incoming and outgoing network traffic & prevents any potential threats. It secures your network away from potential cybercrime. Talk to us at Spectrum Edge, and together we will work towards securing your data center with our comprehensive firewall solutions.