Event Focus

We conduct free workshops, seminars and conferences for our partners and end users:-

i) Security Updates
-Latest security updates (threats, mitigations, best practices, etc)
-Network with peers from the same industry

ii) Product Updates
-Latest solution updates

Past Event Topics:
Dissecting Gartner’s Take on Best Practices for Mitigating APT
Practical Steps for IT Security Compliance Automation
Insider Look at How Underground Fraud Works
Employees Leaving? So is Your Company Data!
How to Control IT with Effective Change Auditing
Enabling a Practical Approach to Address Data Loss
OWASP Top 10: Mitigating the Most Dangerous Web Application Threats
Dangers of Web 2.0 and Web Malware Drive-by Download
Data Leakage Protection-A PCI ASV’s Perspective
Data Loss Prevention for Banking & Finance
Establishing & Maintaining PCI DSS Compliance
PDPA ISMS Harmonised shield

For information on our upcoming events, email us at: [email protected]