Product Brief

High Performance Firewall, Next-Gen Firewall and UTM FortiGate Platform

Fortinet’s Unified Threat Management (UTM) and Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) solutions deliver high-performance network security for any size organization, from small offices to global telecommunications carriers.
Fortinet engineers FortiGate appliances to achieve some of the highest throughput and lowest latency in the industry, to ensure the network security you deploy doesn’t become a bottleneck. Fortinet’s integrated technologies give you unmatched visibility and control of your network, users, devices, and applications. You can rely on Fortinet to deliver the protection you need against today’s advanced threats.
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FortiAP Wireless Access Points

FortiAP Thin Wireless Access Points provide Integrated, Secure Wireless LAN Access for your Enterprise. Enabling simple, cost-effective Wireless Network Access, FortiAPs are an ideal solution for extending your FortiGate Connected UTM. With models designed for small branch offices, distributed enterprise locations, as well as high-density headquarters, FortiAPs allow you to deploy consistent security policies across both wired and wireless networks.
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FortiWeb Web Application Firewall

The FortiWeb Web Application Firewall provides specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, application service providers, and SaaS providers. FortiWeb web application firewall protects your web-based applications and internet-facing data from attack and data loss. Using advanced techniques to provide bidirectional protection against malicious sources, application layer DoS attacks and sophisticated threats like SQL injection and Cross-site scripting.
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FortiADC Application Delivery Controllers

The FortiADC line of hardware and virtual Application Delivery Controllers provide unmatched Server Load Balancing performance whether you need to scale an application across a few servers in a single data center or serve multiple applications to millions of users around the globe. With included SSL Offloading, HTTP Compression, Global Server Load Balancing, Firewall and Link Load Balancing, they offer the performance, features and security you need at a single-all inclusive price.
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FortiSwitch Secure Switching Platforms

FortiSwitch Ethernet Access and Data Center Switches are a feature-rich yet cost effective range of devices, supporting the needs of the SMB and Distributed Enterprises LAN, as well as large Virtualized Data Centers.
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FortiCarrier Service Provider Security

FortiCarrier extends FortiGate Network Security Appliances (NGFW, UTM, Data Center Firewall) with additional FortiOS features specifically designed for protecting Carrier/ISP Networks and their customers, particularly with the accelerating adoption of Mobile Data and Wireless LTE infrastructure.
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FortiAnalyzer Centralized Reporting

The FortiAnalyzer Network Security Logging, Analysis, and Reporting Appliances securely aggregate log data from Fortinet Security Appliances. A comprehensive suite of easily customable reports allows you to quickly analyze and visualize network threats, inefficiencies and usage.
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FortiManager Centralized Management

FortiManager Security Management appliances allow you to centrally manage any number of Fortinet Network Security devices, from several to thousands, including FortiGate®, FortiWiFi™, and FortiCarrier™. Network administrators can better control their network by logically grouping devices into administrative domains (ADOMs), efficiently applying policies and distributing content security/firmware updates.
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