Securing an OT environment can seem daunting at first, but mitigating risks can be accomplished incrementally. It is common to deploy best-of-breed point security solutions to solve different security challenges. However, point security solutions are not integrated and work in silos. As a result, security becomes complex and difficult to manage.

What is needed is a communication backbone between different security solutions. The Fortinet Security Fabric provides:

  • Broad visibility of the entire digital attack surface
  • Integrated protection across all devices, networks, and applications, sharing global intelligence on advanced threats
  • Automated operations and response, driven by machine learning
  • Simplified management from a single pane of glass The resulting security architecture provides continuous trust assessment of devices and workloads, which dynamically adapts as network configurations change

The Fortinet Security Fabric for OT and IT | The Fortinet Security Fabric provides broad visibility of the entire attack surface, integrated protection that shares global and local threat intelligence, and automated operations and response.

Security Fabric Safeguards for OT

In an OT environment, the Fortinet Security Fabric provides network visibility by authenticating and classifying devices. Unlike other security solutions, it does this without scanning—as many OT networks are particularly sensitive and scanning can have a negative effect.

Instead, the Security Fabric discovers and classifies devices in real time to build risk profiles based on their behavior. Then it dynamically assigns devices to device groups, along with distributing appropriate policies to security devices and network segments. By making the environment visible, the Security Fabric also enables Intent-based Segmentation into secured network zones. It protects zones by enforcing customized policies, dynamically updated by continuous trust assessment. This allows the network to automatically grant and enforce baseline privileges for each OT device risk profile, enabling the critical distribution and collection of data without compromising the integrity of critical systems.

The Fortinet Security Fabric Realized for the Converged OT and IT Organization. Broad visibility from integrated security solutions, which also share local and global threat intelligence, provides a security foundation for organizations with IT and OT environments.