Centerm Information is a leading solution provider in Cloud terminal — Thin-Client and e-Payment products-POS terminal. Based on innovation, Centerm’s products are widely used in Finance, Insurance, Telecommunication, Government, Education, SMB etc.

In the thin-client field, Centerm has set up omnibearing and deep strategic alliance relationship with famous global corporations like Intel, Microsoft and AMD, etc. to integrate the resources and push the domestic thin client industry to develop in scale and globally.

Product Brief

Better Security
– No data stored on the client device
– Eliminate malware risk by restricting application installation
– No security patches or anti-virus patches to worry about on client devices

– No Microsoft OS License required at client
– No anti-virus & desktop management software required at client
– Thin-client hardware cost lower than desktop hardware

Lower OPEX
– Lower end-point energy consumption
– Less desktop hardware maintenance to worry about
– Less administrative support required

Data Mobility
– User data can be accessible from tablet or another client anytime anywhere
– Zero productivity loss when thin client hardware fails

Reliability & Scalability
– Faster software deployment
– Longer Mean Time Before Failure than desktop as there are no moving parts
– No end-point operating system instability and slow performance occurrence

Centerm Thin-Client
– NOT a VDI solution
– NO Microsoft OS required at end
– 100% Windows end-user experience
– NO Anti-Virus required at end-point
– NO Desktop Management at end
– NO software emulation used
– Control what application users can access
– Peripheral compatible with Microsoft Windows
– Green computing

Centerm Zero Client

Centerm C75 is a zero client designated for resource sharing system and applied to Microsoft Multipoint Server ™ or Userful MultiSeat ™ Linux.


Centerm Windows Multipoint server 2012 Solution 
One Host Supports 20 desktops


a) Windows 8 experience for all users
b) Outstanding user experience, better than VDI or traditional RDP solution
c) Multiple hosts and computers managed from a single MultiPoint Manager console

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