Product Brief

  • Netwrix Change Tracker provides critical and fundamental cyber security prevention and detection. It does this by leveraging the required security best practice disciplines of system configuration and integrity assurance combined with the most comprehensive and intelligent change control solution available. Change Tracker from Netwrix will ensure that your IT systems remain in a known, secure and compliant state at all times.

    Netwrix Change Tracker includes context-based File Integrity Monitoring and File Whitelisting to assure all change activity is automatically analyzed and validated. Complete and certified CIS and DISA STIG configuration hardening ensures all systems remain securely configured at all times and, coupled with the most intelligent change control technology, provides unparalleled change noise reduction along with the ultimate reassurance that the changes occurring within your production environment are consistent, safe and as required.

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Change Tracker Features And Benefits

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    Automates CIS Controls

    Spot cyber threats, identify any suspicious changes and adjust the secure baseline for all of your systems in real-time with NNT Change Tracker™ Gen7R2. Approve changes to the authorized baseline with a simple point and click.

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    Breach Prevention

    Ensure all IT assets are secure and breach free at all times by leveraging state of the art, recommended security and configuration hardening settings along with real-time system vulnerability and configuration drift management.

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    Breach Detection

    Change Tracker™ Gen7 R2 identifies suspicious activity using highly sophisticated contextual change control underpinned by threat intelligence to spot breach activity while reducing change noise.

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    Real-Time Contextual File Integrity Monitoring

    Change Tracker™ intelligently analyzes all changes in real-time leveraging the world’s largest repository of independently verified whitelisted files combined with intelligent and automated planned change rules to significantly reduce change noise and deliver a true FIM solution.

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    System Hardening & Vulnerability Management

    Minimize your attack surface with continuous and real-time clear configuration guidance and remediation based on CIS and other industry standard benchmarks for system hardening and vulnerability mitigation guidance.

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    Continuous Compliance Monitoring Across all Industries

    NNT provides comprehensive tailored or pre-built reports to provide vital evidence to security staff, management and auditors of the ongoing and improving state of your organizations secure and compliant posture.

NNT Unique Competitive Differences

1) Noise Reduction through Integration & Automation
Unique ability to differentiate expected vs unexpected changes that increases an organizations security posture while minimizing the risk of operational downtime.

2) Digital DNA Reference
NNT’s FAST Cloud is the world’s largest database of known and trusted files and applications (whitelist).

3) Scalability
Devices supported under a single console is unlimited.

4) Manageability
A single console managing countless platforms with intuitive policy management that simplifies an organizations ability to mitigate security risk while increasing operational availability.

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