Bringing trust to the internet

A Passion For Security
Secure64 was built on security. Not the traditional “bandaid and bodyguard” that has led to massive investments in emergency vulnerability patching and protective security applications. A completely different approach to security – one that begins with asking some fundamental questions:

What If….
… computer systems could not be compromised by malware?

… computer systems could defend themselves from massive network attacks?

Secure64 was founded to build such a computer system; starting with a secure microprocessor chip and an operating system that was designed to use every feature of the chip. This secure chip, first developed by Secure64 co-founder Bill Worley, while he worked at Hewlett-Packard, came to the market as the Intel Itanium chip.

Upon this chip, Secure64 built a micro operating system called SourceT, which was designed to eliminate all paths for malware injection and execution, and incorporated built-in protections against high volume denial of service attacks. The resulting platform has been evaluated by third parties and found to be “immune to all currently known malware and rootkits,” and to withstand attacks that cause conventional architectures to fail.

SourceT is a secure micro OS

This secure platform forms the basis of the Secure64 line of genuinely secure DNS servers – DNS Authority, DNS Cache and DNS Signer. More recently, Secure64 has brought many of these same security protections into versions of its products that run on industry standard x86 servers.

Product Brief

Secure64 Line Of DNS Products

  • Secure64® DNS Authority

    Secure64 DNS Authority is an authoritative DNS server that is available at all times, even during high volume network attacks. An optional module allows DNS Authority to optimize network services by routing traffic away from unavailable servers.

  • Secure64® DNS Cache

    Secure64 DNS Cache is an always available, self-protecting and secure DNS caching server that scales to handle real-world performance with simple software upgrades.

  • Secure64® DNS Signer

    Secure64 DNS Signer is the only DNSSEC key management and zone signing solution that is fully automated and secure, which reduces costs and eliminates costly errors.

  • Secure64® DNS Guard

    Secure64 DNS Guard is a family of security subscription services that enables the identification and neutralization of malicious activities, including bots, on any device in the network, without adding latency.

  • Secure64® DNS Manager

    Secure64 DNS Manager is a DNS element management system designed to help network engineers and operators configure, manage and monitor DNS servers from a single location. Manager reduces the TCO of managing DNS servers.

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