Picus Security


As the pioneer of Breach & Attack Simulation technologies, Picus developed a novel and holistic approach to IT security: Continuous Security Validation.

Independent from any vendor or technology, the unparalleled Picus Platform is designed to continuously measure the effectiveness of security defenses by using emerging threat samples in production environments. Created by a team that’s been working together more than 10 years already and has proven their expertise in enterprise cybersecurity, Picus is trusted by many large multinational corporations and government agencies.

Product Brief

How does Picus work?

  • Deploy

    Picus promises an off-the-shelf software solution that can be installed and configured in hours. After software deployment, our users get their results within only minutes.

  • Assess

    Identify security gaps in real-time and take action in minutes with Picus mitigation guidance.

  • Mitigate

    For gaps revealed during our assessments, Picus provides vendor specific remediation signatures and creates a prioritization list.

  • Measure

    Interactive dashboards present the overall picture with objective metrics and list the gaps revealed.

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