PeerApp, founded in 2004, has corporate headquarters in Newton, Massachusetts, USA. The company has regional sales and support offices and channel partners in Europe, Latin America, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and North America. PeerApp is the acknowledged leader in transparent caching, with systems commercially deployed by hundreds of operators worldwide.

Overwhelming demand for over-the-top (OTT) internet content? Learn how you can reduce OPEX & CAPEX while improving QoE for end users

Consumer demand for Internet content such as video, file-sharing and software updates  is out of control. To satisfy this demand, operators are forced into costly network expansion to maintain quality for their subscribers.

PeerApp enables network operators to meet the exploding consumer demand for over-the-top (OTT) multimedia and data content. The company’s award-winning UltraBand multiservice transparent caching platform enhances subscribers’ quality of experience, improves network efficiency and optimizes content delivery networks by delivering both managed and unmanaged video, audio, file-sharing, software updates, and peer-to-peer traffic from the network edge.

Benefits of transparent caching?

  • Reduces operating expense (OPEX) growth 25-40% because existing Internet links (also called IP or Internet “transit”) can handle more traffic.
  • Reduces capital expense (CAPEX) growth because existing network routers, switches, etc. can handle more traffic;
  • Improves performance (sometimes called quality of experience or QoE) for end users because content is delivered 4-10X faster.
  • Understand content traffic trends in their networks through the UBInsight analytics platform

Who benefits?

  • Everyone along the value chain benefits from transparent caching.
  • Users benefit because their videos are delivered more smoothly and with higher resolution, and their file download are faster.
  • Network operators–including cable, broadband and mobile operators – benefit from delivering Internet content including video without putting a strain on their network. This keeps their costs down while making their users happier.
  • Content providers benefit because their content is delivered with the best possible quality to their audiences and customers.

Product Brief


Open content caching solution is the company’s flagship product, installed at over 500 network operators (mobile, telco, cable, college/university) around the globe. With the broadest product range in the industry – scaling from under 1 Gpbs traffic handling capacity through to 150Gbps in a single system for Tier 1 needs – cable, telco, and mobile operators find a “right sized” approach to augment their networks with a local approach to content delivery.


Unified management application monitors and maintains multi-UltraBand deployments. It also offers business intelligence capabilities through the optional UBInsight content analytics module. UBInsight provides visibility into Quality of Experience (QoE), network performance, subscriber trends and types of cached content. This business intelligence engine leverages advanced data analysis tools for the visualization and reporting of key performance indicators (KPIs) and object level visibility from multiple UltraBand transparent caching platforms.

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