McAfee is the device-to-cloud cybersecurity company. Inspired by the power of working together, McAfee creates business and consumer solutions that make our world a safer place for the benefit of all. Our holistic, automated open security platform allows all your disparate products to co-exist, communicate, and share threat intelligence with each other anywhere in the digital landscape. Where machine automation is converged with human intelligence so you can streamline workflows more efficiently. Where your team is freed from unnecessary operational burden and is empowered to strategically fight adversaries. Where you can orchestrate all things security through a single management system. Where all your security products adapt to new threats skillfully and work synergistically to increase protection, and speed up detection and correction—across the entire threat defense lifecycle.

Product Brief

McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention (IPS)

McAfee Network Intrusion Prevention products keep your business up, running, and secure with industry-leading protection against hackers, malware, and zero-day exploits of all kinds. While the coverage is comprehensive and the protections are robust, management is easy via a simplified, centralized, web-based console.

McAfee Data Protection

Safeguard critical data and help ensure regulatory compliance with McAfee Data Protection solutions. Available individually or in suites, McAfee Endpoint Encryption and McAfee Data Loss Prevention solutions provide multilayered protection for your data regardless of where it resides — on the network, in the cloud, or at the endpoint.

McAfee Web Gateway

Analyzing all web traffic, even when it’s encrypted, is a baseline security practice. Detecting malware before it is delivered to an endpoint can save the cost of remediation and minimize the chance of data loss in an attack. Sharing web threat information can make other security tools more intelligent. None of this should disrupt the productivity of a large workforce.
McAfee Web Gateway delivers high-performance web security through an on-premises appliance that can be deployed both as dedicated hardware and a virtual machine. McAfee Web Gateway is part of the McAfee Web Protection solution alongside McAfee SaaS Web Protection, available together to provide optimal protection for users everywhere.

McAfee Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Powerful security information and event management (SIEM) brings event, threat, and risk data together to provide strong security intelligence, rapid incident response, seamless log management, and extensible compliance reporting. At the core of the SIEM offering, Enterprise Security Manager consolidates, correlates, assesses, and prioritizes security events for both third-party and McAfee solutions. As part of the Security Connected framework, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager tightly integrates with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) software, McAfee Risk Advisor, and Global Threat Intelligence — delivering the context required for autonomous and adaptive security risk management.

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD)

McAfee Advanced Threat Defense detects today’s stealthy, zero-day malware with an innovative, layered approach. It combines low-touch antivirus signatures, reputation, and real-time emulation defenses with in-depth static code and dynamic, malware analysis (sandboxing) to analyze the actual behavior of malware. Combined, this represents the strongest advanced anti-malware technology in the market, and effectively balances the need for both security and performance.

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange enables adaptive threat prevention by sharing relevant security data across endpoints, gateways, and other security products. Sharing of data allows these products to operate as one, exchanging and acting on collective threat intelligence. By delivering a cohesive framework where security products collectively pinpoint threats and expose threat trends within an organization, McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange significantly optimizes threat prevention. McAfee narrows the gap from encounter to containment from days, weeks, and months down to milliseconds.

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