McAfee Threat Report-Q32017

McAfee Threat Report (Q3 2017) Summary:

  1. New malware reached an all-time high of 57.6 million new samples (increase of 10% from Q2) – four new samples per second
  2. New mobile malware increased by 60% (boosted by increase in Android screen-locking threats)
  3. New ransomware rose by 36% (boosted by increase in Android screen-locking threats)
  4. JavaScript malware fell by 26% in Q3 from an all-time high in Q2
  5. PowerShell malware more than doubled in Q3 compared with Q2

“The third quarter revealed that attackers’ threat designs continue to benefit from the dynamic, benign capabilities of platform technologies like PowerShell, a reliable recklessness on the part of individual phishing victims, and what seems to be an equally reliable failure of organizations to patch known vulnerabilities with available security updates,” said Raj Samani, McAfee’s Chief Scientist. “Although attackers will always seek ways to use newly developed innovations and established platforms against us, our industry perhaps faces a greater challenge in the effort to influence individuals and organizations away from becoming their own worst enemies.”

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